sharon fleming ceramics - handmade porcelain

Please Note: Workshops currently occur On Request Only and require a minimum of 4 people to take place.
Beginners Workshop  3 x 2hrs €80 This is a 3-session workshop ideal for anybody interested in trying their hand working with porcelain. Various techniques are explored including slab building, pinching and coiling and joining techniques are explored. A variety of glazing and decorating techniques are used. Ideal activity for small groups (4 - 8 participants) Contact Sharon For further details.  

Weekend Workshops - 2 x 2hrs €60 Make your own pieces of work, have them fired and ready to glaze and decorate next day. Perfect short course for those wishing to make and decorate their own porcelain pieces from start to finish.Ideal activity for small groups (4 - 8 participants) Contact Sharon to arrange a booking. 

Other Workshops One-to-One and group workshops organised on request.
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